Katrien + JT | Winter Engagement session in North Austin

Katrien & JT

This beautiful couple isn’t originally from Texas. They’ve actually been all over the place!

Katrien spent some of her childhood in Australia. I was immediately jealous of her dual citizenship, as I have lived a few years in Australia myself and would absolutely love to spend more time over there. Australia holds a really special place in my heart, as I spent some time there during studying abroad in college and actually moved back there after college. I lived in Sydney for about a year and met a lot of really great people over there.

JT and Katrien have been together four years. They most recently moved from Connecticut, where they’re actually returning to have their wedding. The couple loves their home state and want to ensure that they can celebrate their love close to friends and family, as well as their home.

While living in Texas, the couple has discovered they really enjoy downtown Austin for the food and variety of activities. They even got to experience a Texas winter engagement, which was quite different than what they were used to!

Guess Where?

You may recognize this location from other posts that you may have seen. I’ll give you one guess where this winter engagement session took place…

That’s right! Brushy Creek!

This park is SO popular among couples and families, as it offers such a wide array of scenery. In the winter time, however, it looks completely different. The grass is shorter, the trees are more barren, and everything looks more, well, winter-y.

The winter highly contrasts the bright green, luscious look of the summers at this park. Brushy Creek never stops giving though, as it offers different scenery year-round, no matter the season.

All in all, the couple showed their love and bared the cold well, giving them beautiful winter engagement pictures to always remember.

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JT and Katrien hold hands and laugh!

The couple eskimo kisses.

They lean in their heads towards each other.

Katrien scrunches her face, laughing, as she cuddles up to JT.

JT looks at the camera and smiles.

They snuggle up by the lakeshore.

The couple sits on a log by the shore and eskimo kisses.

The couple kisses!

Katrien and JT put on jackets and laugh!

The couple kisses in front of the winter trees.

The couple walks through the tall grass.

Katrien shows off her engagement ring.

Katrien looks up at JT.

JT kisses Katrien on the cheek.

Their dog comes in for a few photos too!

Katrien lays her head on JT's shoulder.

The couple sits on a bench by the lake.

Katrien looks towards JT and laughs.

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