Rawn + Shannon | Commons Ford Ranch Park

A Hidden Gem

When people think of Austin, they usually think of a bustling city with lots of people. People going to and from the city every day, traffic, and lots of noise are usually what come to mind, right?

To take a break from the bustling every day life of Austin, the city has snuck some parks on the outskirts. One of these parks is in Hill Country, a quaint little area outside the busy-ness of the city. I love the contrast that this little area gives us, as many couples don’t really expect that there will be more than buildings in the area.

Hill Country has a little area called Commons Ford Ranch Park. This park that actually offers many different types of scenery. It makes for an absolutely perfect location for a photography session!

In Commons Ford there are area that feature tall grass, areas with short grass for sitting in, trees, and even lakes! This park truly has it all and is a great option for a session location.

Quaint Park, Quaint Couple

Rawn and Shannon have been together five years. They’re actually both from Detroit, Michigan. About one and a half years ago, they relocated to Austin. At first, they endured a long distance relationship, but just a few months after Shannon moved down here for school, Rawn followed. They knew they had something special they couldn’t let fade with distance.

They decided to tie the knot and wanted some engagement photos, so I found a park that fit them perfectly. As described above, Hill Country is a private, quaint little area. I thought this was the absolutely perfect fit!

I’m so glad I got to be a part of Rawn and Shannon’s adventure as they begin their lives together. Next up, their summer Detroit wedding!


Rawn and Shannon walk hand in hand, while Shannon is laughing.

Rawn side hugs Shannon, as they both giggle!

The happy couple snuggles up to each other.

The engaged couple puts their heads together and lets out a laugh.

Shannon cracks up as Rawn tells her a joke!

The couple walks through a meadow, looking at each other lovingly.

The couple cracks up, as they walk together through the field.

Rawn and Shannon just glow! I'm so happy they're starting their new life together.

Rawn hugs Shannon and looks into the camera.

Rawn gives Shannon a kiss. Aw!

The couple rests their heads on each other for an intimate moment.

Rawn kisses his love on the forehead.

The couple and her ring glows in the sunlight.

Rawn nuzzles his head into Shannon's neck.

The fall leaves give this couple a change of background!

The couple holds hands in their winter outfits.

Shannon wears her favorite hat, as she rocks a fall outfit.

Shannon and Rawn snuggle up to each other to stay warm!

Rawn wraps his arms around his lover.

Shannon looks at Rawn as he snuggles into her.

The couple walks through the meadow, looking at each other.

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