Trang + David | Auditorium Shores Engagement

Dental School Love

These two lovebirds didn’t meet in high school or even before. They met in college, while they were attending dental school! I love that they’re so supportive of each other and that they both love the same career: dentistry.

Trang and David met on their path to becoming dentists. They had a few classes together while in dental school, got to talking, and fell in love. After dating, they decided it was time to tie the knot!

Trang is originally from Houston, and David is a Dallas native. When deciding where to settle down, they couldn’t pick either city, so they wanted to move somewhere in between. As a result, they ended up moving to Austin, as it is a city that everyone in this area loves. They settled down here, decided to tie the knot, and gave me the opportunity to take their engagement pictures!

Auditorium Shores Engagement

Before their wedding, we decided to do an engagement session in downtown Austin. The couple wanted a soft urban feel, filled with city, but also giving them a little peek at nature.

We explored Auditorium Shores, an area that is filled with many high rise buildings along the edge of the water. This session had a very city feel, but at the same time, there are areas where we could sneak off to get pictures of the changing fall leaves.

As the sun went down, the leaves really started to turn more orange, giving our session a beautiful fall glow.

For their session, Phang and David decided they would bring the whole family! They brought their pup with them, who was so patient during the entire time we took pictures in the park.

While at our Auditorium Shores Engagement Session, you could just see this couple’s love glow among them. By scrolling through the pictures below, Trang and David just glowed in each other’s presence. I would say that they’re just showing off their beautiful teeth, but I’m pretty sure the smiles are just from how much they connect with each other.

Overall, this session was absolutely magical. We got to explore downtown, but I also got to take pictures in a beautiful park with the start of a beautiful family.

To schedule a session like our Auditorium Shores Engagement, please contact me today. I can’t wait to capture you love!Trang and David snuggle with their pup on the park lawn.

Trang snuggles up to David, laughing!

The two lovebirds snuggle up to each other, grinning.

Trang looks at the camera while David nuzzles his head into her.

The couple gives each other a loving hug, while Trang looks at the camera.

David wraps up Trang and nuzzles into her.

These lovebirds have an intimate and emotional moment.

Trang and David snuggle up, as they embrace each other in love.

Trang's ring glows in the sun!

The silhouette picture is reversed, showing the couple clearly.

Some of the trees were filled with fall leaves while others were hibernating. This couple snuggles up beside a tree, putting their heads together.

The couple closes their eyes as they dream about their wedding.

Trang hugs David from the back, embracing him tightly.

Trang shows off David's watch, as they cuddle together holding hands.

This black and white photo shows the couple cuddling together and embracing the moment.

The couple starts laughing while in each other's embrace.

They both laugh as they're still embracing one another.

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