Wedding Tips

Allow extra time

Always allow yourself extra time for the photo session with your loved one. This photo session only happens once! Sadly, portrait sessions at the wedding with the couple are often cut short due to time constraints from the wedding. When planning your wedding timeline, give yourself a time buffer, and trust me that you’ll need it!

An Unplugged Wedding

Think about the pros and cons of having an “unplugged” wedding. By this, I mean that it is worth considering asking the guests not to film or take photos with their cell phones during important parts of the wedding. I list this as a suggestion because often times important moments during a wedding are not appropriately captured by the professional photographers due to a multitude of people stepping in front of the photographer with their cell phones. For example, photos of the bride walking down the aisle can be blocked by guests stepping into the aisle to record or take a photo on their phone. It also makes for distracting images in that a photo can resemble a concert more than a wedding with so many phones in the air.


Time of day is really important when considering when to have your wedding ceremony. Certain times of day can make for harsh lighting and strange shadows. Ideal ceremony times for morning, afternoon, and evening will vary depending on what month it is, but it is helpful to talk to me about your ceremony time before it is set in stone so that I can inform you as to what time of day you will get the best photos.

Family Photos

After the ceremony, getting the family photos done efficiently is very important so that there is still ample time to photograph couple or make it to cocktail hour! There are a few things that can be done to make this process go smoothly. The first is to make sure all involved in the family photos know where to meet for portraits. You can send them an email, or have the officiant make an announcement for all family members to stick around after the ceremony for family photos. The second is to designate a bridesmaid, groomsmen, or family member to locate all the people that need to be in the family photos in case some family members go missing (this happens a lot).  The sooner it is done, the sooner your family members (and you) can get back to the cocktail party.

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