Christmas Elopement at City Hall | Neda & Nick

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!

This Christmas was truly like any other I have celebrated previously. Usually I spend the day with my family lounging around, eating ham, and opening presents, but this year I got to do something extra special!

I got the chance to celebrate Christmas with this amazing couple, Neda & Nick.

For their Christmas elopement, they decided to tie the knot at San Francisco City Hall. The City Hall is very well-known for holding smaller weddings, as the architecture of every floor is just spectacular. You will see as you scroll through the pictures below that the venue for this elopement was truly lovely in itself. It of course helps that our couple glowed!

Every floor of the City Hall was designed in a different manner, giving every floor a unique look. After their elopement, we got to explore the building and take pictures everywhere! Usually when couples do City Hall weddings, I expect plain white walls and old flooring. This one is absolutely stunning to take wedding pictures in, and I’d be back in the blink of an eye!

From Big Wedding to Christmas Elopement

Neda & Nick are a couple I hold close to my heart because we actually have a fairly long history together. In 2015, I took their engagement pictures. I absolutely loved doing this for them, as they were so sweet. After we were done with their engagement session, I found out I was pregnant and due around their wedding date! Unfortunately, this meant that I couldn’t take pictures at their wedding and had to cancel.

When I told them, they were so sweet about it. A few months later, they actually contacted me again and told me that they had changed their plans too.

At first, they were planning a large and extravagant wedding. They decided this would be too difficult and too much stress, so instead they decided to elope- and right around Christmas! A Christmas elopement is the one thing that made this experience more magical.

I am SO glad I had the opportunity to reconnect with this amazing couple, explore San Francisco’s amazing City Hall, and then explore Baker Beach afterwards.

If you have an extravagent wedding planned or even a courthouse elopement, I couldn’t be happier to capture moments like Neda & Nick shared at their wedding.

Congratulations, you love birds!


Neda gets ready in front of her Christmas tree. Neda has her hair fixed, getting her ready to walk down the aisle! Of course the puppy had to come too! The bride finishes putting her dress on. Nick waits for Neda at City Hall. Neda and Nick see each other for the first time! These sweethearts give each other a big kiss to celebrate their marriage. The couple gets ready to be married. Sun-glow kiss? I think yes! This black and white image shows the couple embracing as they're about to be married! Isn't City Hall beautiful? I loved seeing the architecture of City Hall and all it's different floors. Neda poses on the beach. Neda looks down at her bouquet. Neda's white floral bouquet with greenery shines! This black and white image shows Nick giving Neda a kiss on the cheek. The couple looks at each other and smiles. Neda shows off the back of her dress. The couple embraces on the beach. Neda looks off into the distance. Nick shows off his black suit! The couple poses one last time for a portrait on the shoreline.

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