Robyn + Dan | Armstrong Redwoods and Monte Rio

A Wedding Among the Trees

Monte Rio is a small little town in Northern California, where trees blossom and nature speaks to you no matter where you go. The area features Redwoods and a flowing river that makes for a serene landscape. Robyn and Dan loved the idea of having their wedding close to the tallest trees on earth.

This wedding was so completely different from so many weddings I have photographed in the past. Usually they’re fairly extravagant, light and flowy, and rich with modern decor. I do really love seeing and capturing that, however something different is so awesome to be a part of!

Robyn and Dan wanted to have a wedding that encapsulated who they are. They are earthly people, down to earth, and treasure exploring, family, and friends above anything else.

With a Armstrong Redwoods wedding ceremony, all of their favorite things were brought into one place.

Their Magical Timeline

Throughout the day, this couple didn’t ever heed to surprise me and make me tear up. They started by having the most amazing entry to the ceremony ever. They sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” as Robyn walked down the aisle. Dan also sang, and let me tell you, it was really hard to not allow tears to come flowing down my cheeks.

As Robyn finished walking down the aisle, the clouds parted and the sun shined down gloriously on the couple.

The wedding also featured this amazing VW bus, which transported the bride and groom to and from the ceremony, and of course made for amazing pictures! I was so excited to see this vintage bus the couple had brought with them.

The surprises didn’t stop there though. During their bridal party pictures, they took out these amazing masks that just fit the mood perfectly. We took some really awesome still shots featuring these masks, creating a mysterious and creative mood for the bridal party pictures.

The whole wedding was brought together perfectly with Robyn’s talent of DIY decor, the VW bus, Robyn’s sister in law florist, and the beautiful scenery of the Redwoods.

If you have a wedding that’s different and unique like this Redwoods wedding, I would more the love to attend and experience the best day of your life with you.


Catering and Reception venue: Highland Dell Lodge

Florist: Rita Wilson (Robyn’s sister in law)

All decor: Robyn (DIY!)

VW bus rental: Vantigo


Robyn and Dan's invitations were all naturale, matching their wedding scheme perfectly. This ring shot shows the beautiful simplicity of their forever rings. Robyn gets ready at a nearby hotel. Makeup is applied for the bridesmaids. Bridesmaids wait in line to get their makeup done. Robyn's dress hangs on the beams in the cottage. Dan anxiously awaits to walk down the aisle. The details on this dress were just perfect. Robyn glows as she finishes up getting ready. Robyn looks at herself in the mirror. Dan looks at himself while getting ready. These groomsmen crack up and make a great picture! Robyn boards the VW bus. The VW bus is on the way to the ceremony. The bus enters the state park. Dan anxiously awaits his bride. Robyn sneaks up behind Dan to surprise him. Dan shows the excitement of almost seeing his bride. The couple is united! Dan and Robyn kiss among the tall redwoods. Robyn and Dan hold each other close. A musician plays on his guitar for us. The floral ring is set for the ceremony. This little bird's nest is perfect for holding rings. The girls get out of the bus. Robyn poses in front of the bus. Robyn smiles, showing off her bouquet. Everyone sings as Robyn walks down the aisle! Robyn's veil is absolutely stunning. Dan anxiously awaits his bride. The couple is reunited as the sun shines through the trees. The couple prays for a long life together. Robyn laughs and smiles! Robyn glows at Dan. Dan looks at his bride. The couple gets ready to exchange vows. Robyn listens to Dan's words. The ring bearer delivers the rings. Uh oh! The ring bearer picks up the rings. Robyn puts Dan's ring on. The couples shares their first kiss. The couple walks away, smiling. The crowd stands up to cheer the couple on! The couple shares their first kiss in front of the VW bus. The couple takes the bus to the reception. The couple snuggles up, showing off the beautiful bouquet. Dan snuggles into Robyn. The couple sits down by the trees. This bouquet was absolutely gorgeous! Robyn shows off her dress and bouquet. Robyn looks off into the distance. Dan poses showing off his suit. The couple walks along the river. Robyn looks back at Dan as they walk along the river. The couple looks at each other and giggles. The sun shines, making our portrait glow! The VW bus made for picture perfect portraits! The local movie theatre celebrated the couple too! The bridal party wears masks, showing off various animals. Dan and Robyn dance together at the reception.

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