Natalie & Josh | Summer Wedding at Cornerstone Sonoma

Cornerstone Sonoma: A Unique Venue

As your scrolling through the pictures below, you’ll see that there is one thing in common with all of the Napa weddings. They are absolutely colorful and so gorgeous!

For this wedding, it actually took place within a private and public winery. One side of the winery is open to the public, featuring a sit-down eatery, wine tasting, and of course, many tourists. The other side of the winery, however, was converted into a wedding venue!

The really unique part about this venue is that it’s not only a huge tourist location, but that it’s a venue as well. On top of this, the entire Cornerstone Sonoma winery is decorated with local art. The venue features different artists with very unique work. As you scroll through the pictures below, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Oversized lawn chairs, baseballs, and even an art deco tunnel, decorated the property. I love when my couples choose unique venues, as the picture opportunities are endless!

Wedding Day

Natalie and Josh were the definition of laid back and stress-free. It amazed me, as I watched them simply enjoy their wedding details, each other, and of course, their many guests.

This beautiful couple made their wedding day look so easy. They had many guests and large bridal parties, so I know that coordination was not easy. They kept their cool their entire wedding day, enjoying every second with each other.

As you can see by the pictures below, though their wedding was large, they didn’t lose that emotional intimacy. During their ceremony and toasts, happy tears were shed as they and their guests celebrated their love.

For their color scheme, they decided to match the environment around them. They use many forms of greenery in their bouquet, and even used succulents in the men’s boutonnieres. Natalie’s bridal bouquet featured a bright pop of pink to make her stand out from her bridesmaids.

Happily, I’m glad to say that this won’t be my last time working with this gorgeous couple. After the wedding, Natalie’s sister booked me for her wedding at Triple S Ranch in Napa! I absolutely cannot wait to see all of their lovely faces again and capture yet another flawless wedding.


Thanks to all the vendors!!

Photography: Rising Oak Weddings

Coordinator: Alex Quintana

Caterer: Ramekins

Cake: Black Jet Bakery

Makeup: Julie Dy

Hair: Amy Hsueh
The tasting room of the venue is decorated with much greenery.

The ceremony is ready for hundreds of guests!

Lavender sprinkles the outside of the winery.

Succulent bouttenieres- How boho!

Cornerstone Sonoma is a public and private location!

Cornerstone Sonoma is a public and private location!

Succulents add a perfectly natural touch to this wedding.

The florals danced with greenery and featured white florals.

How cool are these art sculptures!

Natalie gets a text as she prepares to get ready!

This bridal cottage is absolutely darling.

Natalie gets ready to do her hair.

Natalie shows off her engagement ring, soon to be wedding ring!

The girls have a cheers before the day starts!

Natalie adjusts her necklace.

This first look was full of love and laughter!

Josh poses for the camera, showing off his hip boutteneire.

A secret kiss!

Natalie and Josh pose after their first look.

They laugh at each other as they push the stress away!

Natalie shows off her simple but elegant wedding dress.

The floral bouquet showers this picture with absolutely gorgeousness!

How cool is this art sculpture we found!

Natalie and Josh kiss in the deco tunnel.

There were so many sculptures to explore in this garden.

Josh gives Natalie a hug!

I just loved the simple elegance of their decor.

Everyone is seated, and it's time to begin!

A guitarist strums in the bride.

Natalie laughs with joy as she arrives up front by her groom!

The bridal party lines the front of the stage as Josh and Natalie listen to the officiant.

Natalie tears up during the vows.

Natalie reads her vows from a little teal book.

The first kiss!

The bride and groom walk back down the aisle as Mr and Mrs.

The bridesmaids pastel dresses were so perfect!

This bridal party was one huge bundle of love!

The bridesmaids act silly for the camera!

Let's look at the menu for tonight!

I'm absolutely in love with the simplicity of these table sets.

A huge gorgeous canopy shades the guests from the sun.

This table setup is so lovely!

What an awesome bridal gift- Crystals!

These goodie bags were so simply, but to die for.

Natalie and Josh get ready to enter the reception.

The guests welcome the newly married couple!

Everyone enjoys dinner.


A bridesmaid tears up while giving her toast.

Dad tears up too!

Everyone says "cheers!" to the new couple.

A gorgeous reception in a rustic barn closes the night off perfectly.

The groom and mom have their dance.

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