Wendy and Dave’s Vine Hill House Wedding

Vine Hill House: A Quaint and Gorgeous Venue

The Vine Hill House is a vineyard located in sunny Sonoma, California. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite venues in the area. The winery is so quaint, quiet, but just absolutely gorgeous. The way the sun sets on the property just makes amazing images, as you can see below. The vineyard itself is actually quite big and makes a perfect evening view for your guests as they enjoy dinner in the grass.


As we were exploring the grounds, we were fortunate enough to work with a great videographer, who knew the property well. As the sun was setting and the sunlight turned golden, he showed us a perfect little nook in the front of the property that makes for stunning sunset photos. You can see the magic we created with these pictures towards the bottom of this blog. I’m pretty sure we got so excited about this little nook and the fantastic rim light that it provided, that we wore Wendy and Dave out taking so many pictures!


Wendy & Dave

Though the venue was gorgeous, the pictures wouldn’t be as gorgeous without a gorgeous couple of course!

Wendy and Dave decided that their wedding was going to be more intimate, rather than a wedding featuring a large party of guests.

They invited their close family and friends, planned it at a smaller venue, and wha-la! They had their perfect little wedding all planned out.

Now, a really popular timeline choice for wedding couples is to do a first look. This means that the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. Even though Dave was wowed by seeing his bride before the ceremony, it didn’t stop him from tearing up as she walked down the aisle at the ceremony a few hours later. This couple’s love absolutely amazed me, giving me butterflies.

Because this couple had such a spark, we had to close the night with a sparkler exit! Most venues don’t allow sparkler exits, but Vine Hill House does, and that is one of the many reasons I love this venue! Check out the amazing images we created below.

All in all, this wedding was quaint, yet full of love, sparks, and the joy of being reunited.

Videographer: Life in Digital – [email protected]
Entertainment: AMS
Florals: B-Side Farm Flowers – [email protected]
Bakery: Crisp Bake Shop

Dave buttons up his shirt.

Dave puts his tie on.

The groomsmen pose for a picture after getting ready.

Look at this gorgeous greenery!

Vine Hill House is the place to be for weddings. It's gorgeous!

Wendy & David had everything planned out to a T.

Wendy's dress was so gorgeous!

The couple chose purple as their accent color for their wedding day.

Wendy's bridesmaids help get her ready to walk down the aisle.

Wendy gives Dave a hug, seeing him for the first time that day!

The couple smiles at each other as they see each other for the first time.

Wendy walks down the aisle with her parents.

The couple looks at each other in love, as they get ready to be united.

The couple glows as they are now Mr. and Mrs.

Dave whispers something sweet into Wendy's ear.

Wendy and Dave laugh!

Wendy's bouquet featured greenery, white florals, and accents of purple.

Wendy shows off her gorgeous train.

The couple snuggles up to each other in the vineyard.

Dave gives Wendy a kiss on the cheek.

The couple Eskimo kisses!

The couple gives each other a kiss!

This black and white photo shows Dave kissing Wendy on the forehead.

The couple snuggles into each other.

This silhouette shows the couple looking at each other in love.

Golden hour gave us the best lighting for beautiful sun-glowing silhouettes!

The bridesmaids all gather together for a picture.

Cheese please!

Rosemary decorated the tables.

The couple's table set up was simple, yet elegant.

Mmm, what's on the menu?

The wedding party sits outside to dine.

Wendy and Dave toast to their love!

I love how this couple went out- a sparkler exit!

The couple shows their excitement as they exit the sparkler tunnel.

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